The Reviews

"Anyone who has dreamed of (or endured) life in Britain will love Harling's hilarious and on-the-mark tales."
-- Leslie Banker and William Mullins, co-authors of Britannia in Brief
"Not only fascinating for Anglophiles who've only visited the 'motherland' on vacation, but very,very funny, too.  Joe Queenan and Bill out!"
--Diana Burrell, co-author of The renegade Writer

26 April 2012 - Review on Smitten by Britain:
It’s not very often that a sequel to a great book turns out better than its predecessor but that’s the case with More Postcards from Across the Pond.  Mike is at the top of his game with even better stories and anecdotes about life as an expat in Britain...more
04 November 2011 - Review on Bookish Magpie:
It's truly amazing how the author always seems to be able to see the funny side of ... everyday situations that (I promise you) will make you literally laugh out loud. ...more
31 August 2011 - Review on Anglotopia:
Mike is not afraid to write about true life in Britain, warts and all. His books provide an excellent insight into what it would be like to live in Britain for real...more
12 August 2011 - Interview/Review on I Am an Expat:
His tales are woven with a wry humour as he learns to adjust to his new surroundings. Inevitably he will be compared to Bill Bryson but while sharing the same nationality, their experiences are very different...He has a unique skill of making dry observations without causing offence to anyone; a quality endearing him to fellow expats and natives alike...more
28 July 2011 - AngloAddict on More Postcards From Across the Pond:
I'm often bemoaning to anyone who will listen that there are no good travel writers besides Bill Bryson.  His mix of humor and personal disaster is hard to replicate, apparently.  That's why I was thrilled to read the new collection of essays "More Postcards from across The Pond: Dispatches from an Accidental Expat" by Michael Harling.  Harling explores his life as an American transported to Britain with a mix of humor and affection for his adopted land that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read...more
24 July 2011 - Picture Britain on More Postcards From Across the Pond:
One test of a good book is the “read-aloud”—I read portions of a book to my family to get their reactions.  "More Postcards..." kept even my non-Britophile friends in stitches (for a while my Mom thought I was reading Bill Bryson)! I admire Michael Harling’s wit, humor, and depth of insight...more
20 June 2011 - Word Geyser on More Postcards From Across the Pond:
His writing is stronger, better paced with the maturity and stoicism of a man who entered the maelstrom of a culture shock and survived.  As a reader I found this a much sharper and more entertaining book...more
10 May 2011 - Word Geyser on Postcards From Across the Pond:
Harling has a unique skill to make wry and humorous observations without causing offence to anyone.  His curiosity and sense of the absurd shine through the writing as he comes to understand why Brits do things the waymore
13 January 2011 - A letter From the Netherlands:
This book is not only a funny read, but highlights something interesting: For an American, a move to the UK would seem an easy one to make - the language is (almost) the same, the culture is not worlds apart. However, Harling soon discovered that the differences lay in the small things in daily lifemore
18 August 2010 - The Free Library: 
…the ramblings of one Michael Harling, an American who found himself living in the United Kingdom permanently, although he never wanted to do so. Filled with humorous stories and anecdotes of one man changing scenery,… a fine and recommended readmore
24 June 2009 - Britannia in Brief:
A yank who moved to England for love of a lady…Harling's short essays are humorous, lucid snapshots of his life in England, unblurred by sentiment or self-importance…his sense of humour has a very British sensibility, reveling in self-deprecation and the absurdities of everyday lifemore
22 Feb 2009 - Not From Around Here:
I have read a number of books on the US/UK expat experience, but this one takes the cake–it is hands down the best overall summary of what an American living here would notice and find amusingmore